Mobile Cart

The Terason Ultrasound System Cart uses over $100K of pre-engineered, pre-tooled components to offer a higher level of fit and finish. From height adjustment mechanisms to uprights and bases, the Terason Cart offers a product that is appropriate and professional in a healthcare setting. It is more like furniture and less like equipment.


From aircraft-grade aluminum and cold-rolled steel to Santoprene handle coverings, materials were selected based on use and environment. The Cart is reliable, efficient, cleanable and robust.


The Cart uses a single upright, open architecture proven as a favorite in the healthcare field for its compact size, lightweight feel, and inviting design. Its appearance is lightweight and maneuverable. Its scale is approachable and friendly.


The Cart is 40% smaller than the conventional chair base on other products. The footprint of the Cart is approximately 20" x 20".

Toe-Kick Space

The Cart’s compact base allows for “toe-kick” space as the Cart and system are being transported (i.e., a user’s foot does not kick the base during transport).


The Cart is height-adjustable for ergonomic seated and standing use. Gel cup and probe holders are interchangeable and can be moved from side to side according to the user’s preference (e.g., right-handed v. left-handed, or personal preference).

Height Adjustment

All height adjustment is not created equal. The feel of the adjustment smoothness, precision and reliability are critical to perception and field performance. This Cart has the best height adjustment on the market.


Meets the IEC 10 degree static tilt requirement (other products tip over and fail) providing a safer, more reliable product.

Work Surface

The work surface is designed to accommodate the Terason System and its users. The rounded edges of the surface provide a softer look and feel. A “lock port” is provided on the device mount at the rear of the work surface.


The soft arc, Santoprene-covered handle has a high finish level and is warm and soft to touch. The handle can also be used as a wrist support during use if desired. Our research indicated the diameter of the handle as appropriate for a range of users.


Includes an integrated “general use” bin for storage, so users can decide how best to use the space.

Probe/Gel Holders

Probe holders are designed to hold both probe and connector for ease-of-use and to minimize clutter. These are unique to Terason. Gel holders keep bottles securely within reach.

AC Adaptor

The AC Adaptor has a “home” and is located both to be accessible and out of the way. Cables are managed discreetly to provide a quieter, calm appearance.


High quality wheels were chosen to give the Cart a furniture-like feel. The wheel design is a proven choice for smooth and accurate micro-positioning and long distance travel.

Cable Management

Cable management hooks provide easy and adaptable management of cables during use, transport and storage.
A cable plug retention hook is located at the rear top of the work surface to hold the cable and prevent unnecessary bending to pick up dropped or loose cords.

Printer Shelf (Optional)

Optional printer shelf is conveniently located in the front of the Cart for quick and easy access to printouts. The shelf is custom-made for the Sony Digital Monochrome Printer available for purchase with the Terason Ultrasound System.

Physical Specifications

Height: 28.8" – 40.7"

Width: 20"

Depth: 23.5"

Product weight: 75 lbs.