Cardiospace Mission Launched with Terason Ultrasound Onboard

Burlington, MA, September 26, 2016: On Thursday September 15th, the CNES’s (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) Cardiospace mission was launched from China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center aboard the new TianGong-2 orbital module. The France-China Cardiospace will be studying how astronauts’ cardiovascular system adapts to microgravity conditions and is deconditioned on their return to Earth. Terason is honored that our advanced technology was chosen as the scanner of choice for this important mission.

The new TianGong-2 orbital module was launched Thursday September 15th from China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, this time carrying a broader range of devices including Cardiospace, a joint effort of CNES and CMSEO/ACC (China Manned Space Engineering Office/Astronaut Center of China).

Cardiospace is designed to study how the cardiovascular system adapts during human spaceflight. Its results will of course benefit astronaut health but also public health, as cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of mortality worldwide. CNES coordinated development of the instruments making up Cardiospace, in particular Terason’s Doppler laser and ultrasound scanner that will measure micro-circulation and macro-circulation. The intuitive nature of the Terason 3200 system, coupled with the lightweight, small footprint and crystal clear imagery will yield a wealth of science data that could serve to determine new joint space missions for China’s future space station.

Since mid-June, Cardiospace has been undergoing ground trials as part of a 180-day confinement experiment organized by ACC in Beijing and SISC (Space Institute of South China) in Shenzhen. It will be used on the orbital module for about one month by the two taikonauts assigned to fly on the ShenZhou-11 mission, which will be launching and then docking with TianGong-2 in mid-October.

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Susan Boschetto
Director of Global Marketing, Terason

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