• EMS-1

  • EMS-2

    • Grab-n-Go portability with EMS Factory Presets
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) and the latest technology provide quick boot-up time, image optimization and system stability
    • Increase patient care quality by providing a dedicated machine to give you information during the most critical time
    • Smart GesturesTM which make the system more intuitive and easy to use
    • Small footprint in under five pounds with advanced features and functionalities
    • uConnect® remote connectivity to provide vital information to emergency physicians
    • Full diagnostic capabilities
    • Triage patients more effectively with ultrasound for better patient care
    • Decrease critical time to medical action by imaging with excellent IQ for definitive ascertainment of patient conditions
    • Increase clinical confidence in surgical and trauma assessment with real-time POC ultrasound
    • Sealed, flat surface for easy and thorough cleaning
    • Full FAST exam labeling protocol and smart preset for conducting FAST exams
    • Quick EF and cardiac function calculations for accurate and timely cardiac function assessment
  • Smart Training is available on all Terason systems. This can be done at your location when it’s convenient for you or remotely through our unique uConnect® capability. A dedicated team of clinical specialists and physicians thoroughly train on the system functionality. They can also customize the systems with user-specific features for streamlined workflow and optimized productivity.
    The uSmart 3200T NexGen is available for hands-on courses at Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute in St. Petersburg, FL. Learn more >>
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Not all features are available on all products. Not all products are available in all countries.