As an industry pioneer, Terason has a long-standing commitment to improving patient care through ultrasound technology. Since we developed the first microchip dedicated to ultrasound image processing, we have continued to define a product line known for crystal clear imagery, workhorse technology and user-friendly interface. Our uSmart platform is the fusion of all of these elements—truly, the new look of ultrasound.

Terason, a division of Teratech Corporation began in 1994, drawing upon technology perfected at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Teratech’s CEO, Dr. Alice Chiang, founded the company to apply developments in the fields of radar, sonar and telecommunications technologies to the demanding requirements of battlefield ultrasound. Recognizing that decades of breakthrough research for the Department of Defense could be applied to the challenges of mainstream ultrasound imaging, Dr. Chiang formed the Terason division. With initial financing and key patents protecting the integrated circuit technology she developed at MIT, Dr. Chiang dedicated the Terason division to the development of a micro-miniaturized ultrasound system.

Having delivered on the promise of high performance micro-miniaturization, Terason has shipped thousands of ultrasound systems both to clinicians and such OEM partners as Siemens, Brainlab and Endocare since 2000. Terason systems are routinely used in the fields of vascular surgery, interventional radiology, endocrinology and nephrology, and the company is the market leader in the ultrasound-guided venous intervention segment. In addition, leading medical device partners have integrated Terason’s unique system-on-a-chip technology into high performance multi-modality diagnostic systems that are used in cardiac catheterization equipment, as well as in surgical planning and tissue biopsy applications.