​”We would like to thank Terason for allowing us to use the uSmart® 3200T on our trip to Haiti. We have been able to demonstrate to local nurses and doctors the pathophysiology of venous disease using this compact ultrasound. uSmart 3200T has also been invaluable in teaching them the reasons we have developed a special technique for the treatment of saphenous insufficiency.

Obviously, most places in Haiti do not have an US, so it is very important for local health care providers to understand the pathophysiology of what they are treating.

We have used the uSmart 3200T in both clinics, hospital, and homes with no floors, doors, electricity, etc… for patients unable to make it to the clinic.

This is the best US I have used and only 3# and extremely easy to use.”

Vein Experts

“I have a Sports Medicine/Orthopedic practice in California and in Oregon. I have been in practice for 44 years. In the past two years, I have purchased two Terason MSK US units, one for each office. I am very happy with the quality of the Mac base and the quality of the images. The software updates, like the needle placement software, have been very useful. The service provided by my representative has been exemplary. Her knowledge and timeliness is dependable. I would give the company and the machine my highest recommendation.”

Allen Thomashefsky M.D., P.C
Santa Barbara, CA

“The technical support team is outstanding. They are always there when you need them. They are very knowledgeable and solve problems quickly and effortlessly. My experience with Terason has been, without exception, a positive and gratifying experience.”

SoundVision Ultrasound
Ormond Beach, FL

“When I opened my vein center, I looked into many different brands of ultrasounds. I chose the Terason t3200 because of the quality of images, ease of use, portability and price were superior to the competitors. Their customer support and service are also excellent. Our Terason representative is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and continued her excellent support, even after we purchased our ultrasound. She came to train our RVT (being an RVT herself was a distinct advantage) and she has always been prompt in responding to any needs we have. The ultrasound itself has been reliable and easy to use during our diagnostic ultrasounds and ablation procedures.”

L.A. Vein Center
Sherman Oaks, CA

“For me, the Terason t3200 is about versatility without compromise. I have the function of a high-level ultrasound whose image is better than its competitors, in a compact format. With that, I get a fully-functioning laptop for EMR, internet, etc. It is now my office that goes with me.”

Pocatello Sports and Orthopaedic Institute
Pocatello, ID