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    • Stress Echo and CW Doppler
    • Streamline workflow with auto-sequencing measurements
    • Comprehensive calculation package
    • Excellent Doppler capabilities
    • Supports phased, linear, curved, and endocavity probes, for complete shared service applications
    • uConnect® remote capabilities
    • See endocardial border delineation, wall motion, color flow, and spectral Doppler well enough to answer clinical questions and report on the findings in a useful and timely manner
    • Perform studies using high-frame rate imaging and high dynamic range
    • Continuous Wave Doppler for fast, accurate, and easy peak velocity measurements
    • CW Doppler for fast and accurate valve pathology grading
  • Smart Training is available on all Terason systems. This can be done at your location when it’s convenient for you or remotely through our unique uConnect® capability. A dedicated team of clinical specialists and physicians thoroughly train on the system functionality. They can also customize the systems with user-specific features for streamlined workflow and optimized productivity.
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Not all features are available on all products. Not all products are available in all countries.