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    • Intuitive user interface and streamline workflow, with auto-sequencing measurements
    • Multi-receive beam for increased frame rate
    • Comprehensive calculation and reporting package
    • Supports phased, linear, curved, and endocavity probes, for complete shared service applications
    • Quad image review with ability for post-acquisition measurements
    • Supports biopsy guides for linear and curved probes
    • Open Windows architecture for remote access capabilities
    • Perform studies using high-frame rate imaging and high dynamic range, and be assured that image quality is not sacrificed because of the portability and miniaturization of the system
    • Perform thorough exams with frozen measured frames, and/or moving loops, finished reports, annotations, and comments in a time-effective
      way to get answers delivered to your patients and their HCPs quickly and accurately, and in the ways that are most convenient
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