The Technology You Need

It’s no secret that Terason has set the standard for some of the best quality images available. Our exclusive signal processor was designed for one purpose—to provide the clearest images that reveal every detail, level of contrast and subtlety. Proprietary algorithms and firmware generate images of striking quality that other systems simply can’t replicate. Terason’s uSmart high-performance portable ultrasound systems offer next-generation Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV) and TerascapeTM Panoramic Imaging for images that leave nothing to the imagination.

Terason systems use a Windows-based operating system that delivers flexibility and efficiency in image processing, reporting, communication and system integration. Terason’s systems can be integrated into the existing communication infrastructure or can operate as standalone workstations within hospitals or at remote locations. Our exclusive uConnect® remote diagnostic program can create an online connection with a Terason support representative in seconds, for remote diagnostics or training—it’s part of the genius of the Terason open-architecture approach.