Henry Schein Medical Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Terason® for Ultrasound Device

uSmart® 3200T NexGen Enables Emergency Responders to Perform Ultrasounds Outside Hospital Environment

MELVILLE, N.Y., October 17, 2017 – Henry Schein Medical today announced that its Emergency Medical Services (EMS) business has entered an exclusive agreement with Terason® to distribute uSmart® 3200T NexGen, a portable ultrasound device that enables emergency responders to perform exams in emergency medical transport vehicles and aircrafts. By using uSmart® 3200T, responders can identify issues at the point-of-care, continue assessment during transport, and alert emergency room staff of relevant vitals. Access to a patient’s vitals will further empower emergency responders to make more informed decisions on treatment and the trauma center most suited to care for patient’s needs, as well as help prepare emergency room staff prior to a patient’s arrival.

According to an article published in International Journal of Emergency Medicine, entitled, “Use of Ultrasound by Emergency Medical Services: a Review,” the use of portable ultrasounds in the pre-hospital setting is increasing with reports of physicians, emergency medical technicians, and flight nurses performing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in different EMS systems across Europe and the United States. This is facilitated by the portability of modern ultrasound machines that have small, lightweight, and durable designs and that deliver high-quality and high-resolution imaging.

“As we continue to invest in technology that can help advance the EMS industry for the benefit of providers, and ultimately patients, Henry Schein is excited to partner with Terason to distribute the uSmart® 3200T,” said Andy Goldy, General Manager, Emergency Medical Services, Henry Schein Medical. “Our customers can continue to rely on us to offer technologically-advanced devices, such as the portable ultrasound, to help uncover and treat life-threatening conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed, and to help triage traumatic situations that require quick decision-making and treatment.”

uSmart® 3200T NexGen is a portable ultrasound tablet that weighs less than five pounds, which makes it easy to transport and operate. It features proprietary SuperHarmonic™ Imaging capabilities with fast processing speeds and an intuitive touchscreen design that makes operation quick and efficient. The Terason uSmart® 3200T offers customized presets, fast boot-up, grab-and-go portability, and Wi-Fi capabilities. In addition, the long battery life and remote connectivity enables communication with the receiving facility for better patient care.

“Terason and Henry Schein’s partnership further solidifies our commitment to the pre-hospital market,” said Jeff Sirek, General Manager, Terason. “By combining our cutting-edge technology with Henry Schein’s commercial expertise in bringing innovative products to market, we can deliver solutions that help reduce the guess work among EMS professionals who have to quickly assess patient needs.”

For more information about uSmart® 3200T or to order, please contact Henry Schein’s EMS customer service team at 1-800-845-3550.

About Terason

Terason, a division of Teratech Corporation began in 1994, drawing upon technology developed at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Alice Chiang, CEO and Chairman of the Board, founded the company to apply developments in the fields of radar, sonar, and telecommunications technologies to the demanding requirements of battlefield ultrasound. Recognizing that decades of breakthrough research for the Department of Defense could be applied to the challenges of mainstream ultrasound imaging, she formed the Terason division. With initial key patents protecting the integrated circuit technology she developed at MIT, Dr. Chiang dedicated Terason to the development of a micro-miniaturized commercial ultrasound system.

Today, we continue to revolutionize ultrasound with developments in high-performance portable systems. For more information, visit www.terason.com.

About Henry Schein, Inc.

Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC) is the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental animal health and medical practitioners. The company also serves dental laboratories, government and institutional health care clinics, and other alternate care sites. A Fortune 500® Company and a member of the S&P 500® and the Nasdaq 100® indexes, Henry Schein employs more than 21,000 Team Schein Members and serves more than 1 million customers.

The company offers a comprehensive selection of products and services, including value-added solutions for operating efficient practices and delivering high-quality care. Henry Schein operates through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 120,000 branded products and Henry Schein private-brand products in stock, as well as more than 180,000 additional products available as special-order items. The company also offers its customers exclusive, innovative technology solutions, including practice management software and e-commerce solutions, as well as a broad range of financial services.

Headquartered in Melville, N.Y., Henry Schein has operations or affiliates in 32 countries. The company’s sales reached a record $11.6 billion in 2016, and have grown at a compound annual rate of approximately 15 percent since Henry Schein became a public company in 1995. For more information, visit Henry Schein at www.henryschein.com, Facebook.com/HenrySchein and @HenrySchein on Twitter.

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