Terason Announces Launch of Terason t3000™ Ultrasound System

Chicago, IL – November 26, 2005 – Terason, the market leading producer of high performance Laptop Ultrasound™ imaging systems, today announced the launch of the Terason t3000™ Ultrasound System. The announcement was made during the 91st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.

“Exceptional image quality was our design team’s highest priority,” said Alice Chiang, Ph.D., Teratech President and CEO, “and the 256-channel Fusion™ Processor that resulted from their efforts truly delivers the results we set out to achieve.” Unlike ‘custom ASIC’ solutions that rely on modified off-the-shelf components, the Fusion Processor is the only fully custom-designed, integrated ultrasound chip set in the world. It enables unprecedented ultrasound image processing power in a small system, and has enabled Terason to create a portable ultrasound system with exceptional image quality, portability, usability and value.

The Terason t3000 Ultrasound System is based upon proprietary Teratech™ Architecture, which combines the front-end Fusion Processor with powerful PC-based back-end data processing. The t3000 system runs as a Windows® application on a standard laptop computer, and its flexible design allows it to be instantly converted from a portable unit to a cart-based system.

About Terason

Headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, Terason, a division of Teratech Corporation (www.terason.com), is a diagnostic ultrasound technology company setting new standards for image quality, ease of use, size and cost. Using breakthrough system integration technologies, Terason helps improve patient care by enabling compact equipment to generate diagnostic images previously possible only using large, expensive machines. The leading manufacturer of high performance laptop ultrasound imaging systems, Terason was established in 1994 as a spin-off of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory. Since Terason introduced its first product in 2001, thousands of ultrasound systems have been shipped throughout the world both to clinicians and to partners such as Siemens, BrainLab, and Endocare. The company’s unique Teratech™ Architecture and Fusion™ Processor technologies enable exceptional image quality, system miniaturization and value.

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VP, Marketing and Business Development
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