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“During my residency program, I was fortunate enough to have multiple ultrasound systems to train with. This practical experience helped me realize what’s important in a system. In a busy clinic, you need a machine that is easy to use, relatively affordable, with excellent image quality. I found the Terason system outperformed the other systems and was easier to use. The laptop made reports and presentations very easy. I have used my Terason almost every clinic day for the last three years, and have been satisfied with the system and the support.”

Michael J. Gruba, MD
Stark Sports Medicine
Laguna Beach, CA

“Adding the Terason ultrasound system to my practice has provided a diagnostic capability that I previously had to refer to the Radiology Department. The image quality, portability, and frequent software upgrades have allowed me to provide a level of diagnostic accuracy, and patient convenience that has enhanced my practice.”

Ron Ferris, MD
Holy Family Medical Associates
Wichita, KS

“I have used a number of different ultrasound machines in clinical practice and for research applications. After looking at several portable machines we chose to purchase two Terason t3000 units. The t3000 provided the most flexibility for our varied ultrasound applications and ease of use. The image quality is great and has proved to be just what we had hoped. The Terason platform also gives us the ability to download images and reports directly into the electronic medical record. This has proved to be extremely useful and has reduced documentation time.”

Katharine E. Alter, MD
Medical Director, Rehabilitation Programs
Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital
Baltimore, MD

“After using larger machines for years in my vascular lab, we purchased a t3000 in 2006. The quality of images is amazing! After over 3,000 vascular studies for a full gamut of vascular imaging, the quality and ease of use made our other machines obsolete. Today the t3000 is the only duplex machine we use in my office. In fact, our lab got full ICAVL accreditation for carotids, venous studies and peripheral vascular studies solely due to the use of the Terason system. Now, that’s powerful!”

Jeffrey D. DeCaprio, MD, RVT, FACS
Precision Surgery Associates
Texarkana, TX


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