“Our Terason MSK Series t3200 Ultrasound System has enhanced our MSK clinical practice by providing outstanding visualization for injection techniques. We have had excellent personalized support from the Terason representatives and continue to receive outstanding support from the Terason team.”

Dr. Rajiv Reebye
New Westminster, BC Canada

“Terason’s innovative technology and software updates continue to redefine the boundaries of portable ultrasonography. Beginner as well as experienced ultrasonographers alike will appreciate the image quality and functionality of these ultrasound systems.”

Steve H. Yoon, M.D.
Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic
Los Angeles, CA

“Our laboratory has been fortunate enough to work with Terason for the last 3 years. We use our t3200 nearly every day. The system is easy to learn, ultra-portable, delivers great images for our MSK applications, and the support and service have been exceptional.”

Samuel R. Ward, PT, PhD
La Jolla, CA

“I recently opened Vein Specialists of Arizona after spending a number of years at another vein practice and 29 years as a cardiovascular surgeon. The Terason t3200 has proven to be the ideal ultrasound machine for us, performing all types of arterial and venous procedures. I even take it with me to my satellite office in the Caribbean. Terason’s quality, service and technology is second to none.”

Jeffrey B. Alpern, DO
Dr. Jeffrey Alpern
Glendale, AZ

“I just purchased a t3200, my second Terason machine. The image quality is great, the navigation is intuitive, and the five-year warranty is reassuring. Our rep is attentive to our account and is always available if we have questions or issues that need to be addressed.”

Terrence J. Fitzgibbons, MD
Fitzgibbons Vein Center
Los Angeles, CA

“I really like my t3200! I have used a Terason since 2012 (first the t3000 and now the t3200) and I am very happy with the image quality, portability, and love the function key/trackball console layout. This is my fourth year of including MSK ultrasound curriculum in our fellowship training, and the fellows have invariably found the functionality robust yet easy to learn.”

Guy Nicolette, MD
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

“The decision to incorporate the Terason t3200 in my office has been a great one. The product has made such a huge difference in my ability to diagnose and treat breast disease. The image quality is exceptional, and integrating images into my EMR is seamless. My rep and the company are always ready and willing to help me in any way. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Faisal Siddiqui, MD
Huntington Medical Group
Huntington Station, NY

“I have been a customer since 2005 and am extremely pleased not only with the 2000 and t3000, but with the sales reps’ responsiveness to any issue that may arise.”

S. Myron Goldstein, MD
Vein Clinic CA
Santa Ana, CA

“The Terason 3200 allows me to instantly diagnose many of my patients’ musculoskeletal injuries and to guide musculoskeletal injections without radiation.”

Don Buford, MD
Sports Medicine Clinic of North Texas
Dallas, TX

“After careful examination of the devices as well as discussion with colleagues at several other centers, my decision to choose the Terason device was quite simple. The Terason product provides exquisite images, which in my opinion are notably better than the other two vendors’ products. In addition to the excellent images, the extensive functionality is very helpful, particularly the duplex and color flow capability. The device is lightweight yet quite durable. I could not be more pleased with the Terason device. I offer my strongest recommendation wholeheartedly and without compensation.”

Leslie B. Scorza, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiology, Surgery, and Medicine
Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
The Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Hershey, PA

“I have been happy with Terason’s image quality, and I am especially enjoying the laptop integration. I am able to perform blocks, enter my computer PACU orders, record my screen, edit and produce videos, and upload them to Youtube, all from the same system. That is priceless.”

J. Brandon Winchester, MD
Andrews Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center
Gulf Breeze, FL

“Terason offers superior resolution without any distortion of the access needle independent of the vessel depth. The color sensitivity is superb in viewing vessels of different sizes and flow rates from small vessels to deep vessels.”

Deborah Manjoney, MD, FACEP
Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa
Pewaukee, WI

“The Terason ultrasound has changed the way I practice medicine. Having the ability to take the Terason with me to use in surgery has given me an ability to “see” the results of the surgical procedure immediately post-op.”

Joseph Marogil, MD
Grand Rapids Vein Center
Grand Rapids, MI

“I use it every day—primarily for screening for aortic aneurysms. So far I have found five actual AAA’s that would have been missed had I not screened them. The machine is great. The fact that it is based on a PC makes it a snap to save images and burn them onto CDs. No one else can do that easily.”

Bernard Davidoff, MD
Morristown, NJ